Friday, September 17, 2010

Cross, Crucifix, Rood

Tell me something. if your mother was beaten to death with a hammer, will you start wearing the symbol of hammer to show remembrance of your mother?

Of course not. Because it's symbolising  the murder of your mother. Death!

Roman Catholic (Eastern and Western Rite Catholics), Eastern Orthodox, Coptic, Anglican and Lutheran Christians generally use the crucifix in public religious services. They believe the crucifix is in keeping with Scripture, which states that “we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles”

Some Protestants disapprove of the use of the crucifix as opposed to the "empty" cross on general aniconic grounds, or because they prefer to show the absence of Jesus Christ's body to symbolize the Resurrection.

Are they being worshipers of the cross because Christians used to swear by the power of the cross. Let us take some time and read more about cross, crucifix and rood.

credit to Wikipedia

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Fontonk said...

haha, kalau mak mati sebab lemas time kulom dick?
kena pakai simbol dick lah? hahaha

eszol said...

kah kah kah

tak boleh blah syal

syafiqxsaifullah said...

babi. aku yak komen dah.
gelak baca kau org kat punya kat atas!

eszol said...

fontonk tu mmg x btol sket

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