Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Double Standards in Malaysian Flag

This is Malaysian flag which is look so identical to US flag. Rather than having different meaning for each symbol just like any other flag, this flag carry a little bit of remarkable. The 14 red and white line and the 14 points of the star carry a same meaning which is to show 14 states of Malaysia. Why must two symbols symbolising a same meaning? Is it so important to double highlighting that Malaysia have 14 states? Suddenly I realise that this a symbol of redundant, and superfluous. I'm being redundant here. too. lol.  Two symbols carrying a meaning show that Malaysia practice double standards. No wonder Malaysia is  so known for its double-standard standards. They already have subliminal message in their flag. This is what guide my brain to understand this redundant symbol of Malaysia. Thanks to obefiend.

Thanks to obefiend.

 p/s: Like most people my age, I just existed.



Amoi said...

ko try buat comics for this ok tak?


eszol said...



x pandai la

Anonymous said...

Engrish awak powder la. Bested.

Anonymous said...

setiap negara ada undang2 sendiri.kepada sesiapa yg benci tinggal di malaysia,sila berambus keluar.