Friday, October 1, 2010

EPIC: F&N EXTRA Tongkat Ali and Ginseng

Try this and you'll regret.
F&N eXtra
Enjoy Tongkat Ali + Ginseng in novel, richer and foamier concoctions.
Experiment with all sorts of beverages, including teh tarik and even chocolate drinks.

This is what written in F&N Dairies website and we can now see F&N doing some homework on one of  Malaysian favourite add on menu which is the tongkat ali n ginseng. Have anybody try this? This thing taste like shit to me and my family. You just can't make any drink to taste better by this failed product. Tried with nescafe, teh tarik and even milo. Same result happen. 

I never consume the nescafe that were mixed with this sweetened condensed milk more than a sip. A 700 ml jug of nescafe need almost two week to be finish because of its faulty smell and hell-like taste. The tongkat ali-ed and ginseng-ed nescafe leave a wonder to the refrigerator. But sadly the milk survive longer than the nescafe. It is almost two months the milk left untouched in the refrigerator due to my mum "Jangan membazir" motto.

Everybody nowadays tend to tongkat ali-ing and ginseng-ing each and every single things on the menu.

Is it because we Malaysian really depending on all of this myth of traditional roots of ginseng n tongkat ali. Yes i know it's not a myth but why? Is it because we have extremely low libido. Thus making us wajib to consume every traditional medicines. Dr. Ismail Thamby once said in one of his article, "Sumber tongkat ali di Malaysia amatlah kurang dan tidak stabil akibat perindustrian tongkat ali yg begitu pesat,maka kebarangkalian syarikat-syarikat produk tongkat ali akan meletakkan dos tongkat ali yg tinggi adalah rendah".

All these companies actually wanted to gain more profit just by putting the tongkat ali name in their brand so they can charge you more. Use your brain please. Don't be an addict, it restraint your freedom.

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benci kapitalis said...

rasa die mmg mcm sial

gua pernah terbeli

last skali bini gua marah gua


Misz Sephia said...

Malaysian slalu kene tipu mcm tu.. All those 'energy' drink tu x msk seberang tambak pun coz lbh byk yg buruk dari baik khasiatnya

Anonymous said...

kawan saya dah rasa la.
skrg sakit perut dan muntah satu malam.kesiannya

Puthree said...

saya dapat free dr even F&N. Rasanya giler x sedapppppppppp ... walau diubah suai macam mana pun. Even my hubby x nak minum .... huhu

ellzack said...

got 4 tins at home..
en. abah tak perasan dia membayar susu ntah apa2.. still got 3 unopen tins and one yg segan2 nak habis since last year...