Saturday, June 26, 2010

Toasted Pocketful VS Toasted Twister

KFC Malaysia have stopped the production of its famous snack Toasted Twister and introduce a new snack that called Toasted Pocketful. Although both snack have the fried chicken wrapped with tortilla but the snack taste differently from each other. There is not so much different based on looks of both snacks. The pocketful is packaged in pocket like box that enable the consumer to peel the box and bite it. The twister on the other hand is just wrapped in a simple plastic-paper that I think more ergonomic and really suit of its tag line "Great Taste On The Go". 

Toasted Twister that consist of chicken breast Crispy Strips, crisp lettuce, diced tomato and KFC signature pepper mayo all wrapped in a warm flour tortilla is way better than Toasted Pocketful that could make you end up feeling nauseous all day long. The thousand island sauce of Toasted Pocketful is so not tasty and classy. There is also lots of corn inside the snack. Who ate corn with thousand island? KFC really have a bad taste to offer Malaysian. I personally prefer the Toasted Twister because of its awesome taste and its ability to make you feel full but still craving for it.

What does this thing resemble of?

Let's us think why KFC Malaysia decided to stop producing Toasted Twister..........
  • The sale for the snack is really low? No demand?
  • The snack's cost is higher than profit gained from it?
  • Women of Malaysian feel ashamed to eat the snack in public because they don't want to be the object of sex or look like a pro 'blower' by finishing the snack not more than a minute?
  • Men feel they would be labeled as gay if they eat the snack?
  • Politician asked KFC to stop selling the snack due to its obscenity?
  • KFC is doing some community service by not involving directly or  indirectly to rising of free sex cases in Malaysia?
  • KFC's  staff disagree to prepare or sell the snack because they feel ashamed or don't want to commit any sin?
  • The size of the snack is totally not resemble the true size of Malaysian men you-know-what and to stop human trafficking due to the false message being sent by the size of the snack?


suhaisweet said...

Nice...i got latest too, kinda real Good Idea

kenwooi said...

adverts are always a lie =P

eszol said...

suhaisweet-how good is it?
kenwooi-don't trust ads rite

Anonymous said...


Tany said...

I tasted Toasted pocketful yesterday, for me, I was surprised at how good it tasted.. I didn't really like toasted twister..

Fontonk said...

aku lagi suka twister sebab senang nak makan,
dan aku prefer pasar malam aku punya kebab. two middle finger up kalau dah makan die punya kebab.
sebab tak ingt org lain dah.
ingt tuhan dengan kebab tu je. hahaha