Sunday, June 20, 2010

Neil Armstrong Is a Muslim Myth

Time to bust this famous myth
Forty years on and the biggest myth of all is not that the moon landing is fake (busted in Mythbusters last year BTW). The biggest myth surrounding the moon landing to me is the Neil Armstrong is a Muslim.

So what's the myth? The story goes a little something like this;

" When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon he started exploring the lunar surface for geological samples. While jumping around in almost zero gravity he found a large trench that seems to go on forever. While inspecting the trench he started hearing someone singing in his earpiece. After a while the singing ceased and he was sure that was just radio

interference coming from earth. Fast forward a few years later while on holiday in Egypt, he was shocked to hear the same song in Cairo. He then tried to find the source of this singing and suddenly realised that the "singing" was actually the Muezzin calling for prayers. He then met the imam and told him about his experience on the moon. The imam told him that the Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) once split the moon in half. Neil converted to Islam then and there. NASA and the USA was furious that the first man on the moon converted to Islam. He was subsequently kicked out of the space programme and revoked of his ambassadorial privileges. This is why he is no longer in the public eye. The US hates Muslims "

This story is quite famous in the 80’s. Back then we don’t have Wikipedia or to verify the story. The story was told to me by a school teacher and naturally I believe everything that he said. I mean, would a teacher lied to me? Seriously! A couple of days ago I stumbled upon this story again through an email. After all this years I totally forgot all about it. With the power of the internet I decided to investigate this Myth just like Jamie and Adam from Mythbusters!

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saiazuan said...

yeahh msk mythbuster busted kn myth nie..

Akram Razali said...

apply masuk cepat...obefiend da best

malaikatmaut said...

memang dulu takde internet sekaranglebih senang dapat maklumat, kalau maklumat 2 datang dari manusia sendiri jadi tak mustahil la ianya boleh diubah2 jadi tak perlula nak mempersoalkan benda yang sendiri takpasti dan hanya bergantung pada internet....