Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Barbie Bertudung

Spotted in Langkawi


Her and her promises give me more lulz

Her and her contradiction and confusion is the best

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random Picture From Google #3

This is how it works,I will randomly search interesting images from Google with specific keyword then I'll just post it here. Enjoice!

Keyword of the day: LANGKAWI

I never knew that cockroaches are wildlife

Credit: Google, Planet of The Monyets

# I'm going for a trip. Guess where.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kun Fayakun

Semuanya yang berlaku dalam alam semesta ini adalah dengan izin Tuhan. Pikir-pikirkanlah. Kalau tiba-tiba muncul gay yang bangga dengan ke-gay-an beliau,salah siapa lagi tu. Kejap,perlu ke nak cari salah siapa? Tak perlu nak salahkan sesiapa atau nak melatah tak tentu hala. Bukankah itu kejadian Tuhan? Gua bagi satu ayat cliche. "Semua yang berlaku ada hikmahnya". Biarlah Azwan Ismail ke, Azwan Ali ke, Aznil Haji Nawawi ke nak jadi gay atau straight mahupun bisexual.  Nabi pernah berhadis, berkata benarlah kamu walaupun kebenaran itu pahit. Ya, jujur itu tidak salah tapi perlukah menunjukkan aib sendiri dan berbangga mengenai ke-gay-an beliau di Malaysia yang kadar keterbukaannya begitu rendah? Memang cari pasal la. Membuka aib itu pun salah. Adakan Azwan Ismail ingin memulakan revolusi? Kita nanti-nantikan. Gua? Gua tgh keling. Gua neutral. Rules aren't always right.

# Kita kena jujur kan? Tapi kenapa kita tak boleh nak berkata benar bila ianya berkaitan dengan aib orang? Kita kena jaga aib orang. Adakah Islam mengajar kita untuk menyembunyikan? Gua tahu tak boleh buka aib supaya orang tak mengata sebab manusia memang suka mengata dan nanti tambah dosa. Sesiapa boleh tolong jawabkan?


Friday, December 17, 2010

Wikileaks in Malaysia, Who's Their Source?

This would be a quick post before Friday prayer. Sekarang ramai rakyat Malaysia sibuk-sibuk pasal Wikileaks, Apco, Anuar Ibrahim, Najib and sape-sape lagi la yang terlibat. Apsal ramai orang nak percaya sangat dengan Wikileaks ini semua. Wikileaks ni just like another media to me. A place where lots of games being played. Die lebih kurang macam channel-channel yang ada dekat telly korang. So it is up to you nak percaya or tak or nak tune in ke tak. Cause you are the master of your soul. And speaking of media mesti ada involve dengan duit kan. Korang tak pernah pikir ke siapa source isu-isu ni semua. 

At first maybe the founder of Wikileaks ni cari capital nak bayar diorang punya source and to find issues to establish their site. No one would ever blindly leaked issue that related to Official Secrets Act (OSA) which could resulting them to suffer under the absurd Internal Security Act (ISA). So money is the motivational factor and the main objective for someone to become a source to this Wikileaks. Later, now, after they are established and very well known of course they will use and sell their Wikileaks name to other people who want their interest to be served and for the sake of those rich bastard who could afford to pay Wikileaks. People lies. It works like this, lu ade duit, lu bayar sama kita orang, kita orang "exposed" breaking news for you guys. By exposed I mean fabricating,creating, or do anything to make a story to fulfill their clients needs.Money is the driving force of this world. Those who says they work for people in the name of human rights is total bulshit!

Credit to

Second scenario could be like this. Assuming Wikileaks is an organisation with full of integrity. I hate Rosmah so much so I make a false document showing Rosmah have been monopolising in all of the tender for producing National Service uniform in Malaysia etc. Then I sent the fabricated document to Wikileaks with using anonymous name because I know those Wikileaks people loves new story and like to help others because they believe in freedom of speech. See, it is not hard to defame someone. Make a document which look like a real one then send it to Wikileaks. Profit! Anyone can become Wikileaks source. Wikileaks is so reliable is it?

Anwar Ibrahim is a gay or Najib hire Apco as his consultant is not a big deal. The big deal is either those issue related to you and either it is true the source of the issue came from reliable source. Remember, there's always more than one side for every story.

# Why would a someone still use document to write all their wrongdoings which later could be a proof against them. This is modern world, just talk and get the job done. Black and white is too Michael Jackson.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random Picture From Google #2

This is how it works,I will randomly search interesting images from Google with specific keyword then I'll just post it here. Enjoice!

Keyword of the day: BARISAN NASIONAL

Do I need to add more caption?

Credit: Google,


# I just don't feel like writing,typing and thinking.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Picture From Google

This is how it works,I will randomly search interesting images from Google with specific keyword then I'll just post it here. Enjoice!

Keyword of the day: MENCARUT

Wonder how the folks there live their life.

Credit: Google,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Awkward Moment: Nature's Call

A very constipate morning to each and everyone of you loyal readers. Heh, as if I have a really real reader (3R) and follower who read on this blog. To who might be the 3R of this blog, hope you guys don't have any constipation today. Mine was a little bit fluid with extra fart. Nope it's not diarrhea because I'm suffering from IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (IBS) which make any kind of stool that come out from my anus are pretty unpredictable. So today I want to share my experience that related to shit,poo,defecating or anything you would like to describe the process of excretion of wasted materials from your anus.

Have you ever crashed at somebody place and suddenly you feel like excreting from your anus so badly? I bet you have. It's nature's call so it's nature for you to go to the toilet and answer the call there. Since you are using toilet in someone's house, I believe you'll behave and have a manner that are opposite to the manner you have when you are in public toilet or your own. You'll flush, you'll try to reduce the smell of your brownies, and to some extend you'll just pour the shower foam in the bowl to counter with the unpleasant smell. But,have you ever encounter the problem of unflushable poo?

Fuuuuuuu....what should I do? This is shiaaattttt!

Yes, there is shit in the bowl. The shit that just won't swim freely in swirl of the water from the tank, the shit that now haunting you with enormous embarrassment and would make you a hot topic to gossip about for at least one week long. Unflushable poo can cause you severe headache and anxiety due to the condition that you are using none of your own toilet. To make it worst, there's someone outside waiting for you to get you stink arse out of the there.

Credit to

My experience was pretty bad, I was at my best friend's house and because of my IBS problem, I spent for about 15 minutes just to defecate. Plus another 20 minutes to make the shit sink. That is very long time for an average size male to be in a toilet for non-masturbating purposes. I kept flushing and flushing more than 5 times. Waiting for the  tank to get full was a very shitty phase. At that time my friend's parents was outside and I bet they heard the sound of me flushing repeatedly. To make my headache worse, my friend keep on knocking the toilet's door asking me whether I'm answering nature's call or masturbating. I felt so embarrassed at that time. I thought I was at a dead-end but due to competitive spirit that I have, I just won't give up to that horribly-looking-brownies. 

So suddenly I figured out a way. I took a pail full of water and I tossed all the water inside the bowl in a fast manner. I stared focusly at the bowl. Later, the brownies gone. At last, I won. Thanks to my experience of using old fashioned toilet that built without any water tank which needed you to squat and bring your own pail of water before going to the toilet. Experience really a good teacher. So, I won! no unpleasant smell, flushed bowl. Just a little tease from my friend's mother. So guys,any experience you want to share? Lets spam the comment box! I would love to know your story and how you overcome your problem.

# Unflushable poo can give you a quiet big embarrassment in public too. I have saw a guy who used a toilet get scolded for not flushing. Thrice.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lulz of The Day


Spot the funniest alphabet


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why There Is Lots of Roadblocks at The End of Year

Because end of year is the time of school break and this is the time that most of the student are jobless and do almost nothing at home. The tendency for students to be involve in crime is slightly higher than the normal rate because of their boredom and lack of pocket money. Well, I believe most of parents in Malaysia practice the "no school,no pocket money" principle. So this could be the cause of teenagers involve in crime. At this time we can see most of them would involve in illegal racing and spending hours of time loitering till late at night which later become a custody in lock up. This however is an essential way to enhance the bond between the parents and their kids.

Credit to The Star
End of year is the time to finish your annual holidays. So most of the people will go on vacation and use the road more frequently. Roadblock is an essential way to make sure driver does not accelerate more than the stupid speed limit because you will just get stuck in jam because of the stupid roadblock. One thing should not be forget, this is the time for employees to receive their bonuses. So, go to heck will all the summons, people will just ignore the rules because they know they have the money to pay for the consequences of their act. And roadblock is an effective way to curb the ignorant driver.

It is the end of the year and this is the last chance to fulfill all the quota that were gave to each and every division of the authorities. Yup, they have the quota need to be fulfill such as the summon quota. This is where the government get to increase their revenue because tax alone is not sufficient for 'them'. Parallel to the bonuses received by employees, they will just summon and keep summon anybody they feel like to.

#Reality is almost always wrong