Friday, August 6, 2010

One Side Of The Story

Why there is a lot of people that put their belief only to a particular someone or source? I assume all this kind of person is non-mature people who is so dumb to understand what puberty is. Fcuk them! Don't they know that every story got plenty of version til sometime it can be such as like Story 2.436.77. Why they must only believe to one side of the story? Why they must be selfish to themselves and not being fair to everyone. Hell yeah! They are selfish.

One should know every version of story and indirectly they are being fair to everyone. By outsourcing all the source, then they can make a decision or maybe give advice to every side. Believing to only one side of the story will only make you less mature and maybe not knowing about the truth. We should never give a hundred percent trust to every story because there is nothing you can believe in this liberal world except for yourself. Not even the internet.

Megan Fox is a man

This is one of the story that were speculated in the internet. Yeah,the internet told us that the woman that make us ejaculate in 5 minutes is a man. The truth is, she's a real girl. A real girl with stunning body n g-spot. Same goes with Adolph Hitler and the Muslim Revisionist Bullshit and Neil Armstrong Is a Muslim Myth. Did you get my point, nothing can be trusted. Be mature and don't be shallow minded but seek the true truth.


Anonymous said...

yeah..totally agree! duh, kadang2 tu jelas sangat penipuan..typical us...

eszol said...


yup yup