Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Proton And Review

“WHAT THE FUCK?! Need to replace the fucking gearbox again? Fuck man! This is the fucking... shit I fucking lost count how many times I've replaced the fucking gearbox for my Proton Chancellor ”
~ Tun Mahathir whining about his Proton car gearbox to Proton's service advisor

“WHAT THE FUCK?! Need to replace the fucking gearbox again? Fuck man! I just stopped driving this car (Proton Chancellor) already and just leave it at home. Why still need to change gearbox? What the fuck, right? ”
~ Tun Mahathir still whining about his Proton car gearbox to Proton's service advisor

“Fuck it lah. If they're involved in an accident and die then that's their problem lah. They die because they are weak. I don't give a shit and we won't, I repeat, we won't put airbag in our cars.”
~ Proton CEO before he decide to include airbag in all Proton cars.

“Mana ada bocor? Proton Perdana saya pun bocor tiap-tiap bulan!”
~ Bung Moktar Radin from Kinabatangan comment about his Proton Perdana

“Why would i buy a Proton when i could buy a real car. Like a KIA.”
~ "Enlightened" kid

“Kereta ini kereta Malaysia, you tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!”
~ Badruddin Amiruldin, on people who modified a Proton back to Mitsubishi

“I don't think Proton car is rubbish, as a matter in fact, our Ploton car is even better than Frawd, Shitvrolet, Mar-Sir-Lee BENG, Toyoduck, Mitubishit, Fucklari or Lembukini !!!”
~ Proton CEO

“What the hell !!! Are you stupid ???!!! Why should we produce high quality cars? Malaysian still will buy our car one, even though our great Proton cars are no quality (not low quality) because our car is the cheapest in Malaysia. We just need to produce low quality cars for Malaysian is enough lah, why waste money on doing QC and R&D? ”
~ Proton CEO roared fiercely to the Proton Engineer who wish to improve the cars' quality

“The government is scouring all avenues to bring about Proton's financial recovery and enable its products to be globally competitive. ”
~ Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya in his dream

“Do this have a pu$$y magnet? ”
~ Borat, looking for a car to travel all the way from KL to Sabah.

“You don't know cars, you shut up lah! ”
~ Proton CEO roared fiercely to Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche during Shanghai International Car Exhibition

“If you have a crash in one of these, you would be seriously fatally death ”
~ Jeremy Clarkson, on the Proton Arena's NCAP crash test result, in which the car crumpled vertically.

“Malaysians must drive protons, each person must have at least 3 protons in their garage, only I can shove my fat ass around in a Porshces Gayenne ”
~ Mahathir.

“Actually I only drive proton because Najis threatened to C4 me and my family if I don't. ”
~ A traumatized Malaysian citizen.

“Hey isn't that dangerous? Taking spyshots of Proton cars with the mobile phone and posting it up on Paul Tan's website? That's literally using mobile phone while driving. ”
~ Captain Obvious on Paul Tan posting up spyshots of Proton cars by readers.

“Plotong has fucked my ass hard enough due to their faulty suspension, and I thought I have lost my virginity! ”
~ Some porn star
Credit to Uncyclopedia


daisy said...

statement yang last tu buat aku gelak guling-guling
adeh..nak sambung gelak lagi...

Anonymous said...

Ape masalah kau...protetek byk tiru brand kete lain..