Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reasons for owning a Perodua

1. You are broke and sold your car, but need a cheap one to get around. A Perodua is the perfect car if your current situation is like the one described.

2. It's better than Proton. now THAT'S a very solid reason. For now though. 

3. You are careful with money but dumb. This reason is not as common as the first one, but it can happen. So be wary that you don't become a statistic.

4. You like driving around in a box on four wheels. if so.. it is recommended you drive with a paper bag on your head. note: it is not necessary to cut holes for your eyes so you can see. you cannot control the car anyways

5. You have too much money and wanna burn some. but burning is no fun apparently. You wanna buy some Perodua Klearlisux or KennyG or dat new "mywee" juz to stack them up and knock them down

6. You work for Perodua, which probably means you are broke, and are given a Perodua as a company car. Most Perodua employees often come to work late despite getting up very early in the morning. They are also the main reason why Malaysian highways are always jammed.

7. Your parent buy you one. nah, your parents don't really like you, do they? Go and kill them now!

8. You in the other hand, thinks that Perodua is really cool!!!. Now, you better see your doctor to check your insanity!

9. Your children are being held hostage

10. You had one too many at a pub and figured you need a backup vomit bucket

11. You Are Ah Beng

12. You have been hypnotised by the Perodua corporation

13. You will go to any lengths to bring glory to the Malaysian economy

14. You're GAY

15. It cant be much worse compare to Proton. 

Credit to Uncyclopedia


Tupai Karan said...

no. 4 tu.. hahahah.. nice.. peti ais bergerak

yahaya said...

perodua bagus,minyak jimat..dah pakai 2 kereta perodua.

TTT said...

14!!awwww :D

hellioz said...


eszol said...

good to know that malaysian still love perodua

Linglung said...

gua suka!

Akram Razali said...

Ha3...aku baca sambil pejam mata.

saiazuan said...

ahahha tabolebelah yg #14 tu.. gay.. hahaa

kmvsblogger said...

belilah barangan buatan Malaysia

I got a name, which u will forget it oneday. said...

ada kat umah sekor - kancil.
reason for having it:
#1 & #14