Friday, August 13, 2010

Causes of Traffic Jam in Malaysia

  • Woman taking all their sweet time on the road to multitask by putting make-up and adjusting their bra hook.
  • Man taking all their sweet time to swear at all women who drive so slow.
  • Women are just born not to drive.
  • Malaysian showing their protest to the government by driving very slowly because they not getting what they should get from the tax payer money, thus, making the Malaysian less productive.
  • Too many accident and the road is not wide enough.
  • Too many cars that driven by eligible driver or ineligible driver.
  • Too many tolls and traffic light that not works effectively.
  • Government just suck in urban planning and design.
  • Traffic congestion is just another wonders of Malaysia.
  • Lorry driver or any higher vehicle driver taking their horny time to peep the next car to see if there is any cleavage or girl scratching their pussy.
  • People enjoying the scenery because for them it is not driving but sight seeing.
  • Too many Ah Beng racing and showing off their car on the road.
  • Rempit becoming less or have improve their standard and more of them showing off on the road(it is in their blood).
  • Psychological and mental capabilities of Malaysian driver are so low.

#Don't let anyone ever make you feel like you don't deserve what you want.



Victor Tan said...

society is sick. You can see the syndromes on the road.

MASA said...

too many toll..hehe

Blog Leader said...

yup.. agree too many tol.. hehe

eszol said...

too many causes rite u guys

kmvsblogger said...

aku ingat buang tol lagi senang ko..time raya confirm jam gile kt ngan tol

laydcooper said...

can I add additional point

Perodua like to make small small car that looks very affordable and hence many ppl just buy additional car for their kid etc.

Jolyn said...

good post, reflects the Malaysian society much.