Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Barbie Bertudung

Spotted in Langkawi


Her and her promises give me more lulz

Her and her contradiction and confusion is the best

More Rosmah Mansor lulz here.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Random Picture From Google #3

This is how it works,I will randomly search interesting images from Google with specific keyword then I'll just post it here. Enjoice!

Keyword of the day: LANGKAWI

I never knew that cockroaches are wildlife

Credit: Google, Planet of The Monyets

# I'm going for a trip. Guess where.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Kun Fayakun

Semuanya yang berlaku dalam alam semesta ini adalah dengan izin Tuhan. Pikir-pikirkanlah. Kalau tiba-tiba muncul gay yang bangga dengan ke-gay-an beliau,salah siapa lagi tu. Kejap,perlu ke nak cari salah siapa? Tak perlu nak salahkan sesiapa atau nak melatah tak tentu hala. Bukankah itu kejadian Tuhan? Gua bagi satu ayat cliche. "Semua yang berlaku ada hikmahnya". Biarlah Azwan Ismail ke, Azwan Ali ke, Aznil Haji Nawawi ke nak jadi gay atau straight mahupun bisexual.  Nabi pernah berhadis, berkata benarlah kamu walaupun kebenaran itu pahit. Ya, jujur itu tidak salah tapi perlukah menunjukkan aib sendiri dan berbangga mengenai ke-gay-an beliau di Malaysia yang kadar keterbukaannya begitu rendah? Memang cari pasal la. Membuka aib itu pun salah. Adakan Azwan Ismail ingin memulakan revolusi? Kita nanti-nantikan. Gua? Gua tgh keling. Gua neutral. Rules aren't always right.

# Kita kena jujur kan? Tapi kenapa kita tak boleh nak berkata benar bila ianya berkaitan dengan aib orang? Kita kena jaga aib orang. Adakah Islam mengajar kita untuk menyembunyikan? Gua tahu tak boleh buka aib supaya orang tak mengata sebab manusia memang suka mengata dan nanti tambah dosa. Sesiapa boleh tolong jawabkan?


Friday, December 17, 2010

Wikileaks in Malaysia, Who's Their Source?

This would be a quick post before Friday prayer. Sekarang ramai rakyat Malaysia sibuk-sibuk pasal Wikileaks, Apco, Anuar Ibrahim, Najib and sape-sape lagi la yang terlibat. Apsal ramai orang nak percaya sangat dengan Wikileaks ini semua. Wikileaks ni just like another media to me. A place where lots of games being played. Die lebih kurang macam channel-channel yang ada dekat telly korang. So it is up to you nak percaya or tak or nak tune in ke tak. Cause you are the master of your soul. And speaking of media mesti ada involve dengan duit kan. Korang tak pernah pikir ke siapa source isu-isu ni semua. 

At first maybe the founder of Wikileaks ni cari capital nak bayar diorang punya source and to find issues to establish their site. No one would ever blindly leaked issue that related to Official Secrets Act (OSA) which could resulting them to suffer under the absurd Internal Security Act (ISA). So money is the motivational factor and the main objective for someone to become a source to this Wikileaks. Later, now, after they are established and very well known of course they will use and sell their Wikileaks name to other people who want their interest to be served and for the sake of those rich bastard who could afford to pay Wikileaks. People lies. It works like this, lu ade duit, lu bayar sama kita orang, kita orang "exposed" breaking news for you guys. By exposed I mean fabricating,creating, or do anything to make a story to fulfill their clients needs.Money is the driving force of this world. Those who says they work for people in the name of human rights is total bulshit!

Credit to

Second scenario could be like this. Assuming Wikileaks is an organisation with full of integrity. I hate Rosmah so much so I make a false document showing Rosmah have been monopolising in all of the tender for producing National Service uniform in Malaysia etc. Then I sent the fabricated document to Wikileaks with using anonymous name because I know those Wikileaks people loves new story and like to help others because they believe in freedom of speech. See, it is not hard to defame someone. Make a document which look like a real one then send it to Wikileaks. Profit! Anyone can become Wikileaks source. Wikileaks is so reliable is it?

Anwar Ibrahim is a gay or Najib hire Apco as his consultant is not a big deal. The big deal is either those issue related to you and either it is true the source of the issue came from reliable source. Remember, there's always more than one side for every story.

# Why would a someone still use document to write all their wrongdoings which later could be a proof against them. This is modern world, just talk and get the job done. Black and white is too Michael Jackson.


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Random Picture From Google #2

This is how it works,I will randomly search interesting images from Google with specific keyword then I'll just post it here. Enjoice!

Keyword of the day: BARISAN NASIONAL

Do I need to add more caption?

Credit: Google,


# I just don't feel like writing,typing and thinking.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Random Picture From Google

This is how it works,I will randomly search interesting images from Google with specific keyword then I'll just post it here. Enjoice!

Keyword of the day: MENCARUT

Wonder how the folks there live their life.

Credit: Google,

Monday, December 6, 2010

Awkward Moment: Nature's Call

A very constipate morning to each and everyone of you loyal readers. Heh, as if I have a really real reader (3R) and follower who read on this blog. To who might be the 3R of this blog, hope you guys don't have any constipation today. Mine was a little bit fluid with extra fart. Nope it's not diarrhea because I'm suffering from IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (IBS) which make any kind of stool that come out from my anus are pretty unpredictable. So today I want to share my experience that related to shit,poo,defecating or anything you would like to describe the process of excretion of wasted materials from your anus.

Have you ever crashed at somebody place and suddenly you feel like excreting from your anus so badly? I bet you have. It's nature's call so it's nature for you to go to the toilet and answer the call there. Since you are using toilet in someone's house, I believe you'll behave and have a manner that are opposite to the manner you have when you are in public toilet or your own. You'll flush, you'll try to reduce the smell of your brownies, and to some extend you'll just pour the shower foam in the bowl to counter with the unpleasant smell. But,have you ever encounter the problem of unflushable poo?

Fuuuuuuu....what should I do? This is shiaaattttt!

Yes, there is shit in the bowl. The shit that just won't swim freely in swirl of the water from the tank, the shit that now haunting you with enormous embarrassment and would make you a hot topic to gossip about for at least one week long. Unflushable poo can cause you severe headache and anxiety due to the condition that you are using none of your own toilet. To make it worst, there's someone outside waiting for you to get you stink arse out of the there.

Credit to

My experience was pretty bad, I was at my best friend's house and because of my IBS problem, I spent for about 15 minutes just to defecate. Plus another 20 minutes to make the shit sink. That is very long time for an average size male to be in a toilet for non-masturbating purposes. I kept flushing and flushing more than 5 times. Waiting for the  tank to get full was a very shitty phase. At that time my friend's parents was outside and I bet they heard the sound of me flushing repeatedly. To make my headache worse, my friend keep on knocking the toilet's door asking me whether I'm answering nature's call or masturbating. I felt so embarrassed at that time. I thought I was at a dead-end but due to competitive spirit that I have, I just won't give up to that horribly-looking-brownies. 

So suddenly I figured out a way. I took a pail full of water and I tossed all the water inside the bowl in a fast manner. I stared focusly at the bowl. Later, the brownies gone. At last, I won. Thanks to my experience of using old fashioned toilet that built without any water tank which needed you to squat and bring your own pail of water before going to the toilet. Experience really a good teacher. So, I won! no unpleasant smell, flushed bowl. Just a little tease from my friend's mother. So guys,any experience you want to share? Lets spam the comment box! I would love to know your story and how you overcome your problem.

# Unflushable poo can give you a quiet big embarrassment in public too. I have saw a guy who used a toilet get scolded for not flushing. Thrice.


Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lulz of The Day


Spot the funniest alphabet


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Why There Is Lots of Roadblocks at The End of Year

Because end of year is the time of school break and this is the time that most of the student are jobless and do almost nothing at home. The tendency for students to be involve in crime is slightly higher than the normal rate because of their boredom and lack of pocket money. Well, I believe most of parents in Malaysia practice the "no school,no pocket money" principle. So this could be the cause of teenagers involve in crime. At this time we can see most of them would involve in illegal racing and spending hours of time loitering till late at night which later become a custody in lock up. This however is an essential way to enhance the bond between the parents and their kids.

Credit to The Star
End of year is the time to finish your annual holidays. So most of the people will go on vacation and use the road more frequently. Roadblock is an essential way to make sure driver does not accelerate more than the stupid speed limit because you will just get stuck in jam because of the stupid roadblock. One thing should not be forget, this is the time for employees to receive their bonuses. So, go to heck will all the summons, people will just ignore the rules because they know they have the money to pay for the consequences of their act. And roadblock is an effective way to curb the ignorant driver.

It is the end of the year and this is the last chance to fulfill all the quota that were gave to each and every division of the authorities. Yup, they have the quota need to be fulfill such as the summon quota. This is where the government get to increase their revenue because tax alone is not sufficient for 'them'. Parallel to the bonuses received by employees, they will just summon and keep summon anybody they feel like to.

#Reality is almost always wrong

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Malaysian Artist Freemason

Some of Malaysian artiste recently spotted proudly wearing the Orthodox Jew hat. In case you don't know, Orthodox Jew hat is a type of hat that usually wear by the Orthodox Judaism believer. This hat which almost look alike with Amish hat is a symbol of their religion other than Kippah and other funny and furry hat. This hat by the way have lots of style and different sizes.
Amish with his hat

Orthodox Jewish man

Faizal Tahir
Again, Faizal Tahir

Youk of Bunkface

At the end, you decide it. Either they all really a Freemason agent or just another 'jahil' person who always want to put their fashion taste as an excuse to be ignorant. Haha.


Monday, November 22, 2010

Movie: Four Lions

This one of the movies that listed in my must watch list. This movie is about the stupidity of five men who later become only four men who desperate to become a Jihadist by making bombs and blow themselves up. Their main objective is to enter heaven. This brilliantly conceptualised film shows that while terrorism is about ideology and bravery it can also be about idiots. Idiocy that were narrated not only towards the stupid five men of terrorists but also to the anti-terrorist force.

The Poster

Just look at the poster, you'll be wondering why the hell would a crow be equipped with a bomb. The fanatical terrorist wannabe try to train crows to do the bombing because one of them is not brave enough to bomb himself and leave his dad. But at last he bomb himself while moving explosive together with  a mob of sheep. So there goes the four lions name to symbolise another four of them. But the story revolve around the five men. 

They fight to decide either to bomb a mosque, internet or anything in order to make the Muslim world to rise, they  go to training camp and  accidentally kill Osama Bin Laden, they make the abundant of Jihadist video while using AK 47 replica of  dildo size, they dressed in stupid looking costume and equipped with bomb, the special forces team were too dumb too acknowledge which is what and what and at last the four men become intentionally and unintentionally suicide bomber of the great city London.

Christopher Morris have really done a good job although with lots of obstacle while he try to realise this movie. The project was originally rejected by both the BBC and Channel 4 as being too controversial but Moazzam Begg never feel there's nothing wrong with the script that could touch the sensitivity of Muslims. So he try to collect fund from his fan and in return they can become extras in the movie and at last he produce this superb movie. His plot of emotionally engaging farce is undeniably brilliant.

# Aye up you unbelievin' Kuffar bastards! I'm gonna turn you to baked beans. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

How To Troll in Facebook

1. Log in to your facebook account.
2. Go to your info and view your 'About Me' section.
3. Click on edit at the upper right of the section and change your birthday to the current date.
4. Save changes.
5. Enjoy all the wishes and see who's your true friend.
6. Repeat step 1 to 5 till nobody wishes you again.

This is an example of troll from the second day.

Reminder: Please be aware that some of your friend will eventually confuse and ignore to know your real birthday.


Tuesday, November 9, 2010




Thursday, October 21, 2010


JAKARTA 21 October - A medical student from Malaysia was found dead at his home in Bandung this morning. Inani Zalikha Zainal Abidin, 23, was found on the floor in a lifeless condition by her housemate about 5 am. Director of the Malaysian Students Department (MSD) of Indonesia, Datuk Dr Abu Bakar said Junaidy, Inani is the fourth year students of the University of Padjadjaran (Padjadjaran University) in Bandung on sponsorship Mara and undergoing practical training at a hospital in Bandung. Up to now, we have not yet determined the reasons for his death. His family lived in Bukit Antarabangsa, Ulu Klang, Selangor was informed of the incident was sudden and they are expected to arrive in Bandung afternoon to bring home his remains to the Malaysia for burial. - Bernama

To my dear beloved cousin, R.I.P. Al-Fatihah

Friday, October 15, 2010

Warisan Merdeka Skyscrapper Review


  • This is epic, Najib want to  compete with Mahathir and leave a monument too. Mahathir with KLCC, now Najib with Warisan Merdeka. Who's going to win?
  • There are concerns, however, that Kuala Lumpur could suffer a commercial property glut as a result of numerous ambitious real estate development plans, such as the RM26 billion KL Financial District, the 161-ha Sungai Besi Airport, and the 25.2-ha Matrade world trade centre in Jalan Duta.
  • WTF is Merdeka Tower? To prove we have merdeka? Sounds so amput stupid, najib consultant too stupid to think of a creative name? 
  • Build triplet towers la, so you got the tallest triplet towers in the world. No contenders. 
  • Dr M office at 88th floor of KLCC, Najib wants to look down to him from the 100th floor
  • If lower than Burj Khalifa, then consider fail.
  • Bet the tower will look like no '1' as in 1Malaysia...hmmm 
  • Cronies need money lar.. overbudget runs till RM 5 bil.. 


Monday, October 11, 2010

Political Comic

The twilight saga

The super and the zZz

Credits to Ayam dan Babi

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Double Standards in Malaysian Flag

This is Malaysian flag which is look so identical to US flag. Rather than having different meaning for each symbol just like any other flag, this flag carry a little bit of remarkable. The 14 red and white line and the 14 points of the star carry a same meaning which is to show 14 states of Malaysia. Why must two symbols symbolising a same meaning? Is it so important to double highlighting that Malaysia have 14 states? Suddenly I realise that this a symbol of redundant, and superfluous. I'm being redundant here. too. lol.  Two symbols carrying a meaning show that Malaysia practice double standards. No wonder Malaysia is  so known for its double-standard standards. They already have subliminal message in their flag. This is what guide my brain to understand this redundant symbol of Malaysia. Thanks to obefiend.

Thanks to obefiend.

 p/s: Like most people my age, I just existed.


Saturday, October 2, 2010

Parameswara, Melayu

Parameswara. credit to Google.
Parameswara adalah tidak lebih daripada seorang yang tidak mengenang budi dengan membunuh Temagi yang telah memberi perlindungan untuk tinggal di Temasik setelah si penakut Parameswara melarikan diri dari Srivijaya. Menggunakan Islam sebagai medium untuk memajukan Melaka dan bukan kerana tertarik dengan Islam semata-mata. Parameswara ini bukan saja 'usurper' tetapi juga seorang pengamal  'realpolitik' yang licik hingga Maharaja Cina dan Raja Pasai menjadi sekutu Melaka sebagai perlindungan dari ancaman Siam dan Majapahit. Melayu?


Friday, October 1, 2010

EPIC: F&N EXTRA Tongkat Ali and Ginseng

Try this and you'll regret.
F&N eXtra
Enjoy Tongkat Ali + Ginseng in novel, richer and foamier concoctions.
Experiment with all sorts of beverages, including teh tarik and even chocolate drinks.

This is what written in F&N Dairies website and we can now see F&N doing some homework on one of  Malaysian favourite add on menu which is the tongkat ali n ginseng. Have anybody try this? This thing taste like shit to me and my family. You just can't make any drink to taste better by this failed product. Tried with nescafe, teh tarik and even milo. Same result happen. 

I never consume the nescafe that were mixed with this sweetened condensed milk more than a sip. A 700 ml jug of nescafe need almost two week to be finish because of its faulty smell and hell-like taste. The tongkat ali-ed and ginseng-ed nescafe leave a wonder to the refrigerator. But sadly the milk survive longer than the nescafe. It is almost two months the milk left untouched in the refrigerator due to my mum "Jangan membazir" motto.

Everybody nowadays tend to tongkat ali-ing and ginseng-ing each and every single things on the menu.

Is it because we Malaysian really depending on all of this myth of traditional roots of ginseng n tongkat ali. Yes i know it's not a myth but why? Is it because we have extremely low libido. Thus making us wajib to consume every traditional medicines. Dr. Ismail Thamby once said in one of his article, "Sumber tongkat ali di Malaysia amatlah kurang dan tidak stabil akibat perindustrian tongkat ali yg begitu pesat,maka kebarangkalian syarikat-syarikat produk tongkat ali akan meletakkan dos tongkat ali yg tinggi adalah rendah".

All these companies actually wanted to gain more profit just by putting the tongkat ali name in their brand so they can charge you more. Use your brain please. Don't be an addict, it restraint your freedom.

Toasted Pocketful VS Toasted Twister

#You can't outrun me! I'm black!


Friday, September 17, 2010

Cross, Crucifix, Rood

Tell me something. if your mother was beaten to death with a hammer, will you start wearing the symbol of hammer to show remembrance of your mother?

Of course not. Because it's symbolising  the murder of your mother. Death!

Roman Catholic (Eastern and Western Rite Catholics), Eastern Orthodox, Coptic, Anglican and Lutheran Christians generally use the crucifix in public religious services. They believe the crucifix is in keeping with Scripture, which states that “we preach Christ crucified: a stumbling block to Jews and foolishness to Gentiles”

Some Protestants disapprove of the use of the crucifix as opposed to the "empty" cross on general aniconic grounds, or because they prefer to show the absence of Jesus Christ's body to symbolize the Resurrection.

Are they being worshipers of the cross because Christians used to swear by the power of the cross. Let us take some time and read more about cross, crucifix and rood.

credit to Wikipedia

# I chose not to choose life: I chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who need reasons when you've got heroin?


Monday, September 13, 2010

Demokrasi Minoriti Hippie

 kita kasi terbalik ini negara demokrasi

kerja tindih minoriti

kita semua jadi hippie

baru aman damai n free

kita bakar semua money

biar lumpuh ekonomi

kita amal barter kembali

kasi tangkap itu kapitalis babi

biar depa kena kasi


tapi harapan tinggal harapan 

kalau kita still tido mati

#picture credit to Google


Thursday, September 2, 2010


  • Both Islamic country
  • Both looking for war
  • Both stupid
  • Both suffering from capitalism
  • Both have non-stop serious corruption
  • Both a third world country
  • Both struggling to protect their own identity
  • Both suffering from serious nationalism
  • Both have their own obnoxious NGO
  • Both have a never ending confrontation 
p/s: read in rhyme

Picture credit to Google

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lawyer in Action

  God decided to take the devil to court and settle their differences once and for all. Satan heard this, laughed and said, "And where do you think you're going to find a lawyer?"  This is the conversation between them.
G: Why did I make snakes just before lawyers?
D: To practice.

G: What do you call a lawyer with an IQ of 12?
S: Your Honor.

G: What?s the difference between a lawyer and a cat?
D: The lawyer charges more. 

G: Why are lawyers like nuclear weapons?
S: If one side has one, the other side has to get one.

G: What do you call a lawyer gone bad?
S: Senator

G: Did you hear they just released a new Barbie doll called "Divorced Barbie"?
D: It comes with half of Ken's things and alimony.

G: What's the definition of mixed emotions?
D: Watching your attorney drive over a cliff in your new Ferrari.

G: What?s the difference between lawyers and accountants?
S: At least accountants know they're boring.

G: How to get the lawyer get on the tv?
D: Let him sit on it.

 Now we know that the devil if collaborated with Satan is smarter and funnier than the God.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Of Najib and Rosmah

Picture credits to

Friday, August 13, 2010

Causes of Traffic Jam in Malaysia

  • Woman taking all their sweet time on the road to multitask by putting make-up and adjusting their bra hook.
  • Man taking all their sweet time to swear at all women who drive so slow.
  • Women are just born not to drive.
  • Malaysian showing their protest to the government by driving very slowly because they not getting what they should get from the tax payer money, thus, making the Malaysian less productive.
  • Too many accident and the road is not wide enough.
  • Too many cars that driven by eligible driver or ineligible driver.
  • Too many tolls and traffic light that not works effectively.
  • Government just suck in urban planning and design.
  • Traffic congestion is just another wonders of Malaysia.
  • Lorry driver or any higher vehicle driver taking their horny time to peep the next car to see if there is any cleavage or girl scratching their pussy.
  • People enjoying the scenery because for them it is not driving but sight seeing.
  • Too many Ah Beng racing and showing off their car on the road.
  • Rempit becoming less or have improve their standard and more of them showing off on the road(it is in their blood).
  • Psychological and mental capabilities of Malaysian driver are so low.

#Don't let anyone ever make you feel like you don't deserve what you want.


Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New Proton And Review

“WHAT THE FUCK?! Need to replace the fucking gearbox again? Fuck man! This is the fucking... shit I fucking lost count how many times I've replaced the fucking gearbox for my Proton Chancellor ”
~ Tun Mahathir whining about his Proton car gearbox to Proton's service advisor

“WHAT THE FUCK?! Need to replace the fucking gearbox again? Fuck man! I just stopped driving this car (Proton Chancellor) already and just leave it at home. Why still need to change gearbox? What the fuck, right? ”
~ Tun Mahathir still whining about his Proton car gearbox to Proton's service advisor

“Fuck it lah. If they're involved in an accident and die then that's their problem lah. They die because they are weak. I don't give a shit and we won't, I repeat, we won't put airbag in our cars.”
~ Proton CEO before he decide to include airbag in all Proton cars.

“Mana ada bocor? Proton Perdana saya pun bocor tiap-tiap bulan!”
~ Bung Moktar Radin from Kinabatangan comment about his Proton Perdana

“Why would i buy a Proton when i could buy a real car. Like a KIA.”
~ "Enlightened" kid

“Kereta ini kereta Malaysia, you tak suka, you keluar dari Malaysia!”
~ Badruddin Amiruldin, on people who modified a Proton back to Mitsubishi

“I don't think Proton car is rubbish, as a matter in fact, our Ploton car is even better than Frawd, Shitvrolet, Mar-Sir-Lee BENG, Toyoduck, Mitubishit, Fucklari or Lembukini !!!”
~ Proton CEO

“What the hell !!! Are you stupid ???!!! Why should we produce high quality cars? Malaysian still will buy our car one, even though our great Proton cars are no quality (not low quality) because our car is the cheapest in Malaysia. We just need to produce low quality cars for Malaysian is enough lah, why waste money on doing QC and R&D? ”
~ Proton CEO roared fiercely to the Proton Engineer who wish to improve the cars' quality

“The government is scouring all avenues to bring about Proton's financial recovery and enable its products to be globally competitive. ”
~ Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya in his dream

“Do this have a pu$$y magnet? ”
~ Borat, looking for a car to travel all the way from KL to Sabah.

“You don't know cars, you shut up lah! ”
~ Proton CEO roared fiercely to Mitsubishi, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche during Shanghai International Car Exhibition

“If you have a crash in one of these, you would be seriously fatally death ”
~ Jeremy Clarkson, on the Proton Arena's NCAP crash test result, in which the car crumpled vertically.

“Malaysians must drive protons, each person must have at least 3 protons in their garage, only I can shove my fat ass around in a Porshces Gayenne ”
~ Mahathir.

“Actually I only drive proton because Najis threatened to C4 me and my family if I don't. ”
~ A traumatized Malaysian citizen.

“Hey isn't that dangerous? Taking spyshots of Proton cars with the mobile phone and posting it up on Paul Tan's website? That's literally using mobile phone while driving. ”
~ Captain Obvious on Paul Tan posting up spyshots of Proton cars by readers.

“Plotong has fucked my ass hard enough due to their faulty suspension, and I thought I have lost my virginity! ”
~ Some porn star
Credit to Uncyclopedia

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Paternalism: The Good or The Harm

To characterize attitudes or political systems that are thought to deprive individuals of freedom and responsibility, only nominally serving their interests, while in fact pursuing another agenda which is directly against the interests of the individuals. For paternalism definition please see Paternalism: Introduction. Paternalism requires motorcyclists to wear helmets. It forbids people from swimming at a public beach when lifeguards are not present. It forbids the sale of various drugs deemed to be ineffective. It forbids the sale of various drugs believed to be harmful. It does not allow consent to certain forms of assault to be a defense against prosecution for that assault. This is example of reasonable paternalism.

Paternalism force us to be obedient to all the rules that were made by human being that believe they are better thinker and superior than us. What the fuk! Every paternalistic approach which were justified by claiming it is for the greater good of everyone that created for somebody selfishness are  bullshit. For instance, the Internal Security Act (ISA) that were being used in Ops Lalang back then in 1987. The government that were lead by Madeath claimed all the opposition leaders and social activist could create racial tension in Malaysia which 106 persons were arrested under the Internal Security Act (ISA) and the publishing licenses of two dailies, The Star and the Sin Chew Jit Poh and two weeklies, The Sunday Star and Watan, were revoked.The truth is, Madeath and all his butt kisser objective is to win the next election. They say the status quo are being jeopardise but everybody know thing that were jeopardised was only their position in government.

Paternalism and double standard

For me, paternalistic approach is bullshit when it only serve for the interest of others. Paternalistic do not uphold freedom of rights. Paternalism interfere with our freedom of rigths. Why somebody can assume he/she knows better than any other else? What the fuk! To not preserve the human right would mean you are undermine our intelligence. Thus, questioning our ability of digesting information and making decision. See, paternalistic is only for minor because minor still cannot do the thinking properly and not liable of digesting information and making decision. Remember, paternalism is all about good and harm and we should never let others to decide and control what is good or harm to us.

# I jump, you jump,we die.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Reasons for owning a Perodua

1. You are broke and sold your car, but need a cheap one to get around. A Perodua is the perfect car if your current situation is like the one described.

2. It's better than Proton. now THAT'S a very solid reason. For now though. 

3. You are careful with money but dumb. This reason is not as common as the first one, but it can happen. So be wary that you don't become a statistic.

4. You like driving around in a box on four wheels. if so.. it is recommended you drive with a paper bag on your head. note: it is not necessary to cut holes for your eyes so you can see. you cannot control the car anyways

5. You have too much money and wanna burn some. but burning is no fun apparently. You wanna buy some Perodua Klearlisux or KennyG or dat new "mywee" juz to stack them up and knock them down

6. You work for Perodua, which probably means you are broke, and are given a Perodua as a company car. Most Perodua employees often come to work late despite getting up very early in the morning. They are also the main reason why Malaysian highways are always jammed.

7. Your parent buy you one. nah, your parents don't really like you, do they? Go and kill them now!

8. You in the other hand, thinks that Perodua is really cool!!!. Now, you better see your doctor to check your insanity!

9. Your children are being held hostage

10. You had one too many at a pub and figured you need a backup vomit bucket

11. You Are Ah Beng

12. You have been hypnotised by the Perodua corporation

13. You will go to any lengths to bring glory to the Malaysian economy

14. You're GAY

15. It cant be much worse compare to Proton. 

Credit to Uncyclopedia

Friday, August 6, 2010

One Side Of The Story

Why there is a lot of people that put their belief only to a particular someone or source? I assume all this kind of person is non-mature people who is so dumb to understand what puberty is. Fcuk them! Don't they know that every story got plenty of version til sometime it can be such as like Story 2.436.77. Why they must only believe to one side of the story? Why they must be selfish to themselves and not being fair to everyone. Hell yeah! They are selfish.

One should know every version of story and indirectly they are being fair to everyone. By outsourcing all the source, then they can make a decision or maybe give advice to every side. Believing to only one side of the story will only make you less mature and maybe not knowing about the truth. We should never give a hundred percent trust to every story because there is nothing you can believe in this liberal world except for yourself. Not even the internet.

Megan Fox is a man

This is one of the story that were speculated in the internet. Yeah,the internet told us that the woman that make us ejaculate in 5 minutes is a man. The truth is, she's a real girl. A real girl with stunning body n g-spot. Same goes with Adolph Hitler and the Muslim Revisionist Bullshit and Neil Armstrong Is a Muslim Myth. Did you get my point, nothing can be trusted. Be mature and don't be shallow minded but seek the true truth.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Money Is The Key To Happiness

"People say that money isn't the key to happiness,but I always figured if you have enough money, you can get a key made"

The capitalism have make us dependent on money and realising that money is just a matter for everything. World become upside down because of money. The core to most of every problem is because of money. Everything is cause by money. We blame the money. But thanks to money,we can now get less involvement in  fight trying to barter our stuff with others. World at peace again because of money.


Friday, July 30, 2010

Paternalism: Introduction

Paternalism is the interference of a state or an individual with another person, against their will, and defended or motivated by a claim that the person interfered with will be better off or protected from harm. The issue of paternalism arises with respect to restrictions by the law such as anti-drug legislation, the compulsory wearing of seatbelts, and in medical contexts by the withholding of relevant information concerning a patient's condition by physicians. At the theoretical level it raises questions of how persons should be treated when they are less than fully rational. 

Monday, July 26, 2010

Adolph Hitler and the Muslim Revisionist Bullshit

The truth about Hitler's "Islamic tendencies"

Following the link I came upon a Facebook entry about Hitler supposedly pro-Islamic views . The blog entry then implores Muslims to start seeing Hitler as not the villain as we know him today, but as a hero to be admired. The author who is allegedly an Arab, gave four reason why Hitler is one of the good guys. I was immediately appalled by this revisionist bullshit. How can you whitewash the crimes committed by a man who killed over 6 million people between 1939-1945? The answer is you can’t. Let me tell you the story of Adolph and at the same time debunking the “apologist” views of this unnamed Arab writer

Due to the TL:DR nature of this topic I will only tackle 3 of the major points. Let's begin.


So what if he took some verses from the Koran in his speeches? In Malaysia we have Muslim politician using verses from the Koran to gain political mileage. The most overused Koranic verse used by our politicians is from Surah Yasin

“Kun fayakun”

Fuck me! Can you guys please use a different verse? Ok I knowlah the only part of the Koran that you know how to read is probably only THE YASSIN (mengaku la der.. gua pun baca Yasin je. Takyahlah munafik sangat claim A'lim) . But that does not mean you can recycle this verse over 9000 times per year. Hitler might have quoted a different verse, but the reason of using them in his speeches was the same. It was to pander to the fools whose opinions were easily manipulated . The sad reality is in politics nothing is sacred. You can use and abuse religion to further your political agenda. Mahathir and his goons love quoting the Koran to condemn Anwar’s alleged buttfucking habits. The dumb religious conservatives in Malaysia predictably swallowed the propaganda hook, line and sinker.

“Mahadeath ambil contoh dari cerita nabi Luth.. mesti betul ni! Takkan pemimpin Islam berani main-mainkan cerita dari Al Quran!”

Last week if you guys can remember I wrote about Peter Popoff who used verses from the Bible to sell his bullshit miracle cures. In Malaysia we have Ustaz Putar Alam pulling the same scam using the Holy Koran.

Now let me ask you an honest question ladies and gentlefaggots. Would you forgive Popoff and Ustaz Putar Alam because they quoted verses from their respective holy books? I have a feeling most of you would crucify them rather than forgive their despicable act. The act of duping thousands of desperately sick people (most of it terminal) of their hard earned money is simply unforgivable. Hitler in the other hand killed millions and if you can’t forgive Popoff and Putar Alam why must you forgive Hitler?


Oh whoopee doo! The great murdering cunt allowed Muslim to pray so he must be a respected? Again this is grade A horse shit. What’s the big deal really? George W Bush also allowed Muslim soldiers in American Army to perform their prayers . I don’t think there is a Muslim who would dare write an article defending Dubya's actions post 911.

How about the Japanese conquerors of Malaya? What did they do when they invaded the peninsula? They retained the Sultan as an Islamic figurehead. The Japanese knew after years of spying that the Malays are very religious people. The Sultan function as the head of Islam must therefor be respected. By retaining the head of Islam, the Malays won’t rise against their new colonial master. This was not done out of reverence towards Islam but out of convenience.

I suspect Hitler also did his homework. Allowing Muslim Nazis to pray will be good for morale and allow Hitler to get on their good side. Again this was not out of respect of Islam, it was out of convenience. Hitler was planning to move south and conquer the Middle East after defeating Russia.This was was part of the grand plant of connecting the Third Reich with the Japanese Empire in the east. Hitler also already knew about Arab resentment towards the British rule. We also know that by 1944 Germany was running out of German recruits to sustain an invasion force. By allowing Muslims from the Balkans to join their army, they could solve this problem. Hitler would be a fool for not doing so.

So there you go. He allowed them to pray so he can use them for his own nefarious plans. The Balkan Handschar SS division is nothing more but a pawn to be used by Hitler. Must we respect Hitler for treating Muslims as mere canon fodders?


The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was a desperate man when he gained an audience with Hitler on the 28th of November 1941. Germany at that time was winning the war with only the British Isle left to be conquered in Europe. Haj Amin Al Husayni was a very interesting fellow. He was the descendant of the Prophet and was very well respected figure in the Arab community. When he was the Grand Mufti he oversaw major restoration of Masjidil Aqsa. As his influence grew he became more political and actively campaigned for Arab independence from the Brits. When the Arabs fought against the Turks and aligned themselves with the allied in World War I, they were promised independence by the British. Brits being the lying fuckers that they are, refuse to fulfil the promise after the war. This along with the Balfour Declaration created huge resentment inside the Arab world.

When Haj Amin saw Britain in the brink of PWNAGE by the Nazis he immediately saw an opportunity. If he aligned himself with the Krauts , they in turn would help the Arabs gain independence and solve the “Jewish problem” in Palestine. Haj Amin was treated like a head of state by the German and Italian government. During his meeting with Hitler, he was also promised the position of “Leader of the Arabs” when the Axis eventually reaches the Middle East. Haj Amin then toured Europe as part of the Nazi propaganda and gave speeches condemning world Jewry. For his troubles he was given a salary by the Axis. In one radio broadcast on March 1944 he famously said;

“Arabs , rise as one man and fight for your sacred right. Kill the Jews wherever you find them. This pleases God, history and religion”

According to most historians, Haj Amin was naive and was used by the Axis as propaganda tool. He believed the VERBAL assurance given by Hitler to help the Arab independence movement. Problem was, Mussolini wanted the Arab Peninsula and North Africa all by himself. Italy already colonised Libya and Il Duce wanted more. There is no way in hell Hitler would fulfil his promises to Haj Amin and deny Mussolini's grand intention. Further still Hitler ranked the Arabs lower than the Jews in his racial hierarchy (Arabs are also Semites in case you forget). Some historians believe that the Arabs would suffer the same consequences as the Poles, Gypsies, Homosexuals, Romanians,Jehovah Witnesses , Masons and Jews if they conquered the Middle East.

At the end of the day Grand Mufti Haj Amin was manipulated by Hitler and became a willing instrument of Nazi propaganda. All the promises given to Haj Amin were merely verbal to appease him. In his desperation to solve the Palestinian problem Haj Amin bet the farm and lost it. After the war ended he was branded as a Nazi Sympathiser.

Hitler actually used Haj Amin to help Mussolini colonise North Africa and Arab Peninsula.

The revisionist Facebook posting is full of outright bullshit. The author saw Hitler action as favourable to Islam without considering Hitler’s ulterior motives. There is no way in hell anyone could defend what Hitler did between 1939 and 1945. The fact that the author used his “Islamic tendencies” as a way to rewrite history is just shameful. Why are there still Muslims obsessed with whitewashing Hitler atrocities? Seeing White Supremacist doing so is already laughable at its own right but when “Brown Neo Nazis” are also doing it, I feel like slapping them with my dick.


Remember these dear readers;
  • Hitler ranked the Arabs lower than the Jews (Arab was given the ranking of 14th below the Jews) – Arabs would also face the Final Solution if Axis won the war
  • Hitler was a Catholic. He had no love for “heretical” Islam
  • Hitler was BFF with Bennito Musolini – He would help Italy invade the Middle East not liberate them from the Brits
  • Hitler was a master manipulator and a politician – every word he uttered must not be taken at its face value.

This is what i got from obefiend blog. Credits to obefiend.

Now you do the math. It is all up to you reader to believe to what you want to believe. You have the rights.