Monday, November 22, 2010

Movie: Four Lions

This one of the movies that listed in my must watch list. This movie is about the stupidity of five men who later become only four men who desperate to become a Jihadist by making bombs and blow themselves up. Their main objective is to enter heaven. This brilliantly conceptualised film shows that while terrorism is about ideology and bravery it can also be about idiots. Idiocy that were narrated not only towards the stupid five men of terrorists but also to the anti-terrorist force.

The Poster

Just look at the poster, you'll be wondering why the hell would a crow be equipped with a bomb. The fanatical terrorist wannabe try to train crows to do the bombing because one of them is not brave enough to bomb himself and leave his dad. But at last he bomb himself while moving explosive together with  a mob of sheep. So there goes the four lions name to symbolise another four of them. But the story revolve around the five men. 

They fight to decide either to bomb a mosque, internet or anything in order to make the Muslim world to rise, they  go to training camp and  accidentally kill Osama Bin Laden, they make the abundant of Jihadist video while using AK 47 replica of  dildo size, they dressed in stupid looking costume and equipped with bomb, the special forces team were too dumb too acknowledge which is what and what and at last the four men become intentionally and unintentionally suicide bomber of the great city London.

Christopher Morris have really done a good job although with lots of obstacle while he try to realise this movie. The project was originally rejected by both the BBC and Channel 4 as being too controversial but Moazzam Begg never feel there's nothing wrong with the script that could touch the sensitivity of Muslims. So he try to collect fund from his fan and in return they can become extras in the movie and at last he produce this superb movie. His plot of emotionally engaging farce is undeniably brilliant.

# Aye up you unbelievin' Kuffar bastards! I'm gonna turn you to baked beans. 


imanshah said...

lama sungguh tak tengok wayang!!rasa dan tua untuk berseronok seperti dulu2..mungkin bila dah berkeluarga, nanti bawa anak2 menonton kot

eszol said...


ntah ble ntah nak bekeluarga tu

pandabear said...

ada jodoh tak kemana bro...

Fontonk said...

bak pinjam cerita ni.

eszol said...


jom la lpak

aku bg ko movie

AlpocodelaCruz said...

Lawak sial cerita ni. Tapi hujung2nya adalah rasa pilu2 sikit.

Paling lawak, kena lari control2 sebab... eh kasi spoil lak..


eszol said...


time lari2 nak control macho tu yg lawak kan

aku ingat scene tu

Pirate said...

sedang mendonlod citer ini huhuuuu

Sean Grey Hanson said...

Fours Lions must be the bravest, edgiest comedy of the year. It's worth a watch!!

Sean Grey Hanson said...

Fours Lions must be the bravest, edgiest comedy of the year. It's worth a watch!!