Saturday, November 13, 2010

How To Troll in Facebook

1. Log in to your facebook account.
2. Go to your info and view your 'About Me' section.
3. Click on edit at the upper right of the section and change your birthday to the current date.
4. Save changes.
5. Enjoy all the wishes and see who's your true friend.
6. Repeat step 1 to 5 till nobody wishes you again.

This is an example of troll from the second day.

Reminder: Please be aware that some of your friend will eventually confuse and ignore to know your real birthday.



Amoi said...

aku tak akan feed troll ko ni.

eszol said...


ko dah terkena da pon

kah kah kah

Amoi said...

you know why I wishes you on Facebook?

Because we are friend. So I wishes you. I never wishes people on Facebook if I don't know them at all.

since you are trolling. I think I will never believe anything about you next time.

If one of your friend who's reading your post. They will felt the same way. Feel disappointed.

Thank You. and Have a nice day.

eszol said...

i did it at 1st because i want to know who's really know me

that's all

it is an accidental troll

Sca Ndx said...

haha, naik notification, orang tak kenal pun wish.haha

darkbatman said...

bleh cube ne bro..hehee

imanshah said...

wah dengan aku2 sekali terkena..chet

eszol said...



sabar jela cikgu

LittLeMyRsHMaLLoW said...

oH gOsh~
pena tRy...
mMg RaMai yg Wish....
yG kUrang kENaL pOn wiSH..
yG bEzdAy mMg Dah sAh2 nAk deKat2 pOn WisH..Mmg mUdah Lupe...
LAstLy...diRi iNi Rasa bersALAh..

Fontonk said...

nasib gua tak ada fb lu.
btw, happy birthday son!
happy everyday birthday!

amoi atas tu touching sial. haha

eszol said...


nice kan?

eszol said...


gua x taw la asal amoi tu touching

bia jela dia

hak dia

ken said...

haha.. must try this experience :P

eszol said...


give it a try k

Ain Zulaikha said...

hahahhaha nakal ye..

Anonymous said...

this troll game is just like playing a shepherd character who calls out the villagers to save his sheeps, when the third time he calls out the villagers, he trolled himself out, when the wolf ate his sheep.

Cassandravgav said...

wah dengan aku2 sekali terkena..chet

Linda Foreman said...

@ Amoi ko dah terkena da pon kah kah kah

Anonymous said...

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