Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Freedom Of Speech: Every Human Is Entitled

There's a lot of reasons why freedom of speech should not be hold. Due to security,obscenity etc. Based on The Universal Declaration Of Human Rights everyone should have this,everyone entitled of that and bla, bla bla. But why there's still country such as Malaysia (Malaysia have uphold the freedom of speech but they do not uphold freedom after the speech) do not fully imposed and implement the declaration. Are they not human? So, they can ignore the human right? We are now entering the realm of paternalistic intervention where it is assumed that the state knows better than the individual what is in his or her best interests. Why? Is it because they are so superior?

Why somebody can assume he/she knows better than any other else? Wtf! To not preserve the human right would mean you are undermine our intelligence. Thus, questioning our ability of digesting information and making decision. Everyone should have the right to express themselves. We all are human being. We are mammals. We do shit. We can listen to anything we want even the hate speech. The hate speech come from a human being,so as a human we should have the ability to believe or to ignore anything that being the input of our brain. It's not like there's some secret alien transmitting some brainwashing message to human.

"Human! We are martian. We don't shit. So we are better than you. All hail martian"

The idea that you can say whatever you want to anybody and that it will not get you locked up, but this must be tempered with society growing up quite a bit and people would need to realise that they can discuss anything they want to but they may have to do it responsibly. If not ISA-lah. Hahaha. I still believe everything is not perfect including the freedom of speech. It's true that freedom of speech might get you end up in intensive care unit. But it should not be the main factor to not to uphold the freedom of rights because you the one who should be responsible of what you said. Bear the consequences. Same principle apply with the quote;

"You are what you eat"
"You are what you read"

*Funny! Thats why people called Cina babi. You are what you eat!                                              raar


hellioz said...

*Funny! Thats why people called Cina babi. You are what you eat!

ini GILA!
gila lawak

hampagas lu

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