Thursday, July 1, 2010

Selfish: Cliche

Why there is selfish people? Is it wrong for us to become selfish? Have you ever become a selfish? I think everybody is selfish. We won't be surviving this filthy universe without become selfish. Being a selfish person is just another nature of human being. Anybody who say they never become a selfish is just a big fat liar.

Let's remember on a typical drama scene where there is a girl who stand in the middle of a street. Then come a speeding vehicle moving  towards her. Later, came a guy pushing the girl by the roadside and making himself hit by the vehicle.

I always think the guy is such a selfish person. Yes, he save the girl. A sacrifice to be exact. But he commit a suicide. Why he just can't grab the girl and jump away from the car direction? He's a selfish person because he never think of what would the girl and his family feel after the incident. He never think about the cost need to bury him. He never think of his debt to the society. Screw him because what he think is just to save the girl and in directly to satisfy his wants. 

# I still got lots to say about this topic.


daisy said...

mungkin badan mangsa mengandungi racun ala-ala ikan buntal.Sebab tu lah haiwan tu jatuh sakit selepas memakan mangsa :p

eszol said...

comment pasal pix je

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