Monday, April 11, 2011

Annoyance and Perspective About It

Everybody is annoying. That is fact. It's all depends on people acceptance. And yeah, it's all about the perspective of people have on you. So stop bullshiting yourself. Face it! You too are annoying as much as the people you are accusing of annoying. Just live life. We are born with this shit for reasons remember? This is my perspective, either you find my statement annoying or not, it's all up to your brain. And remember, karma's a bitch!

# Tak habis-habis perspective. Cliche la kau ni!
## I am trying to be annoying as much as I can.
### Try google translate semua dekat ayat kat atas ni. Lagi annoying weyh!



Raihana Izzati said...

Aku annoying. Ada masalah?

(annoying punya comment)

~* chirpy_chummy *~ said...



Sca Ndx said...

annoying. problem?

Anonymous said...

annoyingnye entry ni.

Anonymous said...

alololo. comelnya entri ni.

Anonymous said...

because annoyance is subjective, yo

Dark Half said...

ai rasa nak geget2 telinga dak annoying ni. ngap!

Anonymous said...

aumm aumm. *buat muka annoying. =.=

Tupai Karan said...

Kita dilahirkan dengan omong kosong ini untuk alasan ingat?

haha. btul annoying. aku ingatkan translet kuaq : kita dilahirkan dengan tahi alasan ingat?

AR The Annoying said...

ar the annoying was here.

i love you for repeating annoying for 6 times. Hoho.

woot woot said...

gulp gulpp..

<-------------the most annoying people ever live

ghost writer said...

perspektif aku?

cliche gak beb..huh

KHRLHSYM said...

cliche la kau ni. hehehe.

Hansyirah Takezur said...

fb pages are annoying nowadays.

burhan al-hilmi said...

ni untuk kau
kelab kesayangkan kau baru kalah tadi..

Amoi said...

what's annoying?

is that a fruit?

i am hungry right now!