Sunday, January 23, 2011

Why Paedophile Is Increasing In Malaysia

Regarding to my promise in Punca Nahas Di Malaysia entry, I will write this entry of Why Paedophile Is Trending in Malaysia. Paedophile, pedophile or pedo from my definition would be a someone who have the tendency to have sex with children id est, a someone who sexually attracted and stimulated to children. This kind of person is labeled as sick and inhumane just because their lust is toward minor (One who has not reached full legal age) which overly protected by the law. Yes, minor is still minor because minor still cannot do the thinking properly and not liable of digesting information and making decision but the paternalistic approach that being used is way too bias.

Rape and Child Molestation

Okay, lets learn something about the law. An almost 18 years old minor who rape a minor is listed as juvenile. A 19 years old man who rape a minor is called Statutory rape. Quoting the article "The term statutory rape generally refers to sex between an adult and a sexually mature minor past the age of puberty. Sexual relations with a prepubescent child, generically called "child molestation," is typically treated as a more serious crime." For your information, under the Malaysian Law, a minor is defined as someone who age is below 21 years except for Muslims which is 18 years. Law sucks isn't it. So be aware that there is difference between child molestation which commonly involve paedophilic person and statutory rape.

Gay is okay, lesbian is fine, but why someone sexually attracted to child is so wrong?

The western really make me fucked up when it comes to paedophilic act. They brag about their human rights, rights of having weird sex orientation etc etc but they really protect and uphold the so called children rights. After all, it's children. You just can't have mutual consent about having sex with kids. Without further ado, these are the reason

  • Too much cute prepubescent kids become actor and actress and indirectly producer use them as attraction of their movies and dramas. Too much exposure of minor cuteness. 
  • Even popular and straight looking actress carry anywhere cute prepubescent girl like an accessories and exploiting the cute girl and looking proud of it.
      • Prepubescent boy singer with girl voices keep alluring gays and and post-pubescent female (you know who). A voice can even stimulate the menopause women.
      • More and more prepubescent kids style and wear adult fashion and start looking like mature adult. This give the paedophile chances to fantasise and live in self denial that they are actually normal.
      • Actress shamelessly show immoral act with prepubescent kid in front of media and indirectly send the message of "Saya paedophile,saya ok"  

      # Santa is the biggest pedobear.


      KBBR said...

      comel je diorang berdua tu..
      sweet.. :)

      Tyra Nylea said...

      why don't u learn law byk2 then teach me... boleh ker kanda ku syg ? hehehehe

      eszol said...

      @Tyra Nylea

      nak pecah dah kepala daku ni dinda oi

      Irwan said...

      perogol budak semakin banyak sebab losewr tu sumer tak reti nak ayat awek bimbo untuk di fuck.

      duit pun takde nak langgan pelacur atau bohsia.

      Duit ada pun cecukup nak beli surya sebatang dan candy.

      Cilaka punya orang yang merogol. Tak kisah lah apa benda yang dirogolnya, baik wanita, kanak-kanak, walhal kambing jiran aku sekalipun.

      xcyber said...

      Lisa Surihani??
      my fav actor la.. pheeewitt

      eszol said...


      utk bapak mcm ko aku tahu ko lebih merasainya

      papabear said...

      that's another way of looking at it... nice post :) anyway, all of us should have known by now that when it comes to the US, double standard applies :P

      RieZarchry said...

      betul ke Lisa paedophile? i wish i am a small kid again :p

      burhan al-hilmi said...

      weyh..ada kes baru lg ke budak prmpuan kene rogol?..

      tp budak tu serius cute..hahaha
      jelez nye dia dpt kiss lisa surihani

      eszol said...

      @burhan al-hilmi

      klau aku ckp bestnye dpt kiss mia sara ko terkejot x?


      Hikky. said...

      Media exploitation of pre-pubescent kids is a factor, yes, but don't forget about internet and child pornography as well. I think pedophiles attacks children not because of the age factor, but due to the fact that children portrays the 'pure innocence' image. With the exploitation of women in the current media, it's quite rare to see the 'innocent' image on an adult female these days. Sooo, pedophiles turn to these kids. Oh and this post is nice. Just lurking around. :)

      eszol said...


      damn right! psychologically

      but i narrow the scope for much easier understanding

      and involve the geological factor of malaysia

      kasyur said...

      best tgk santa gemuk dok cuddle budak kecik comel2

      Nur said...

      banyak ke kes macam nih kat malaysia?? maybe sbb budak2 nih innocent and tak banyak songeh..

      Dark Half said...

      kanak2 cute terlalu di'over-exposed' macam adik comel mia sara ni.
      "tak dpt mia, dpt yg ala-ala mia pun jaaadi la. janji puas..",itu kata sorang pedo lahh

      eszol said...

      @Dark Half

      menjiwai btol ko dark

      ada pengalaman ke?

      Irwan said...

      aku memang anti dengan perogol (na'uzubillahimin zaalik) sejak sebelum kawin lagi.

      Aku juga anti sebarang keganasan terhadap wanita.

      Akan aku siat-siat sesapa yang cam sial dengan pompuan

      tapi kengkadang emo kat pompuan tu biaser ahhh. takde ar sampai melempang

      Valossa Vicious said...

      In my opinion, the reason for the increasing number of men turning to pedophiles is relative to how women have changed.

      I blame the media for this, can you see what kind of lifestyle they're trying to adopt? Famous, materialistic, glamour, sexy, etc. Women are slowly losing their innocent nature and for me that is not attractive at all. Especially those Disney girls, the worshiped idols of kids nowadays.

      Anyway, some say pedophile and homosexuality is natural, just like heterosexuality. The question is, really?

      eszol said...

      @Valossa Vicious

      here's your answer

      asmaroro said...

      paedophile is just so...inhuman-ish!

      p.s. love the last sentence about santa haha. so true. so true!

      Valossa Vicious said...

      Hey, thanks for the link.

      Kenichi said...

      Pedophile is actually a sexual preference and a mental disorder. Just like gays, they attracted to male but for a normal male, they will surely attracted to female. They are just born with it. I do research on this thing.

      Anonymous said...

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