Sunday, February 6, 2011

Awkward Moment: KTMB Women Coach

I shall continue with my series of Awkwad Moment this time. I have been quite busy this whole week. Spending time with loved one, reunion, traveling etc. etc. Regarding to traveling, I believe all of you know that Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad has introduced their new women coach since last April. The women coach which placed as the middle coach of the train has caused lots of misunderstanding and confusion among the passengers. So, this story is about the sexist coach and my friend.

My friend is a transport-less person. He survive from one point to another point most of the time by using public transport. That day he wanted to go to KL from his grandparent's hometown, Seremban. The most economical way to get to KL from Seremban is by using the most lousy public transport of Malaysia, KTM. I bet 97.99% of KTM users insatisfy with the service provided to them. Trains departure are not following to the schedule, train too slow, very little number of trip in one day and many more.To cut the story short, I will stop complaining. 

Because of the train have arrived by the time of my friend reached the Seremban station, he ran towards the the train. For your information, at Seremban station, once you get out from the ticket gate you will see the middle coach is in front of you if there is train stopping there. Then he entered the train. The middle coach to be exact. Door close and this is where the awkward scene could be seen. 
Ken Wooi's artwork

He stood near the train's door and saw everybody was looking at him. All the eyes keep staring and gave a weird look. Some of them grinned at him. He look at every corners of the coach. He then realised that the train is full of homosapiens with vagina. Not even sissy or tomboy were inside the coach. He feel so weird. He did not know that the coach is reserved for ladies. But it did not end there.

If you do not know, sometimes the train inspector will randomly come inside the the train and check on passengers tickets to make sure there is no illegal passenger boarding the train. My friend was 'lucky' to find there is still two men with blue shirt inside the train on the other side of the coach. Both of the inspector came to everyone and checked on their tickets. By the time the inspector was in front of him, he gave his tickets to the inspector. Then the inspector said;

Bagi sini IC sekali.

My friend who was confused gave his IC and the inspector cynically said that my friend is confused with his gender while the inspector take a look on the IC. He could heard some chicks laughed at him when the inspector said that. He felt so furious and ashamed. The inspector asked him to change to another coach at the next station later on. Before he reached the next station he managed to give a piece of his mind to both of the inspector.

Lain kali jangan letak sticker pink kecik-kecik dekat tingkap. Kasi cat teros satu coach colour pink. Senang!

For me, men coach should be introduced too in order to curb people from thinking this world is created for women. How long can we stand all this sexist activities. Women already have their ministry in almost all of the countries in the world but we still have not. After all, I'm still being sexually abused everytime I used public transport. By women.

#Being surrounded by women is not the best fantasy after all.


woot woot said...

kakkakka i wrote a parody post about this dolu dolu..

btw nice writing dude :)

woot woot said...

eh paris hilton masok islam ke ?

paris hilton masok islam ?

hiro said...

vagina murah untuk iman yang murah..ehh.

Dark Half said...

yeah..sepatutnya the law of equilibrium dipraktikkan.keh3
tak patut btol beliau dimalukan di khalayak wanita

ghost writer said...

arr...kan elok cat terus satu body koc tuh ngan pink.tapi dia sendiri yang mengkonpiuskan diri dia..

IMANSHAH said...

erm, lama sungguh tak naik train..macam2 peraturan ada skrg na???

Irwan said...

eloknya ada satu koc untuk 'orang air naik kepala' dengan orang yang dah berumahtangga...

eszol raar said...


ini lah yg gua cuba terangkan dan inginkan!

SyedGraphiX said...

tettt.. haha. koc tu ape? adui

Al said...


ksian dia ktingalan informasi
da nsib bdn

papabear said...

i got into one of those by accident when I was with my family. from that point onwards, I simply think that this segregation is simply ridiculous! thumbs down to the idiots behind this!

Sca Ndx said...

yess, cat pink. baru semua feminen. haha

touya said...

Perthhh memang malu giler ahhh

burhan al-hilmi said...

kesian mmber kau..

tp pngalaman ak dlu2 gune putra lrt mase peak hour..
kalau terlanggar bontot pompuan tu biase sgt da..
yela, ramai org kn..bukan saje2..
sbb tu la ktm rase perlu buat koc wanita ni..

eszol raar said...

@burhan al-hilmi
pompan lggar bntot n kemaluan aku tkpe plak la?

Rie said...

tak dapek la cuci mata

*ye..kdg2 mmg aku lemah iman

theblabber. said...

citt..ko dah banyak rupanya tulis pasal awkward rupanya. baru aku perasan!!


p/s: i second hiro's comment. cheap is for cheapo.

Amiey White said...

@hirohiro merepek daaaaaaaaaa hahahaha

Amiey White said...

btw cat lah lagu mana pun , pape pun pemikiran orang , silap masuk koc xpe. tp makcik uzur x bg duduk tu pe cer, perempuan lelaki sama je =.="