Monday, February 21, 2011

Reasons Why I Prefer Pretty Babe More Than Cute Babe

Haha. May I start this week with this post. I have been messing around with the Badut series since early of last week and I got some horrible feedbacks from some Malaysian who apparently butthurted or got few headshots from my entries. Get well soon and please understand that I would not reply all your mails. Last week have been a very upside down week to me. Ignoring important things, preoccupying, sicking myself up and stoning. Some might say it is awesome but for me this is just plain fucked up. Sober.

I believe all the guys out there have their own taste and know how to find a suitable girl that is not only pleasant to your eyes but also know how to treat you. Some might love the cute face, some might not. Some might ejaculate looking at those cleanly waxed legs, some might puke. Some might have orgasm while listening to a nice erotic voice whining about shoes, some might drop dead. This time I'm going to narrow down the scope to face only and I categorise it into two, cute and pretty.

Well, I'm not being bias right here right now. Do not get me wrong. For me all the ladies out there are unique and have their own characteristic. You are what you are and you are beautiful. I worship women. Just for me, I differentiate women face into cute and pretty. No ugly face, no seposen face and no hideous face.

Because when you are old you just cannot turn your old face to a cute face

Just like any other typical guys, I do think about the future. Yes, I am being too far ahead because everything that involve feelings and commitments between two people of different sex is one serious thing for me. A partner to me is a forever partner. If you choose a pretty babe as your partner, in case her face start aging and have all the wrinkles everywhere, you will still find the face pretty. But if the same situation happen to a cute babe, I bet u will just freak out because a cute babe with wrinkles will never look cute anymore. It is like staring an evolved baby becoming an old lady. 

The idea is, how would you like to see the changes from your beautiful partner face come to an end. It is either you like to see it from pretty to less pretty or from cute to cute-less. I prefer the proper stage which is pretty to less pretty because cute to cute-less is like skipping on one phase which is the pretty phase. That is so not normal to me. It is like skipping on puberty. Because aging is one hell of sickness that is happening to everyone so I still prefer it to be normally in order

Cute is too paedophilic

I had enough with Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove. No brief explanation needed for this point. You do the math.

# Oh my pretty babe...


Raihana Izzati said...

i thnk i hav to do a post about male's face also. hoho.

n,,im not in ur list lah then=(


Anonymous said...

Gosh! I'm cute!

Wait, how you differentiate between cute and pretty. is it from the chubbiness? or smile? or height? or body?

Oh,and I hope you will get through this week better..See? I'm being nice. not all cute people nice.

No. seriously.

Misz Sephia said...


I prefer to be cute. Ugly but adorable!

ghost writer said...

maka aku lebih suka komen dalam BM..sebab i look stupid when i talk in english'sori... :)

masih percaya apa sekalipun alasan kita memilih tentang suatu kecantikan wajah,kita kadang bias...dan ini akan mengujakan lagi pompuan untuk tampil dengan wajah yang penuh pakej,mempengaruhi mereka dengan kecantikan(cute or pretty)sebagai satu jalan untuk meraih pujian serta lamaran..

Anonymous said...

nak komen mcm i bgtau tadi boleh? kahkahkah! *komen tiada kena mengena dgn entry

eszol raar said...

@Raihana Izzati
i'll be waiting for that post of yours

@Rafhanah Mohtar
raf, ko mmg byk berfikir, kudos!
pretty n cute is indeed a very subjective things to define

@Misz Sephia
adorable win!

@ghost writer
gua trase dgn ayat lu
tapi mmg patot pun
gua mmg bodoh all the time

@Hanna Iymeera
sila jgn campur adukkan urusan rumah tangga anda di sini

papabear said...

cute = adorable but UGLY! hehe..

papabear said...

eh terbalik... UGLY but Adorable... hahah...

Amiey White said...

saya buruk , tak cute tapi saya bangga dengan kurnia allah beri saya :D

jap comment bahasa melayu , bi fail lah =.="

Dark Half said...

then i guess, ur gf now is so lucky to have someone who appreciates beauty the way u do

nurfaiq said...

cute will last forevr,
p/s : personal opinion from my guys

Anonymous said...

hahahaha , gila !

PReDicToR said...

huh gambar tu....buruk je muka..

♥ Juliana Violet ♥ said...

How i wish I am pretty or cute... =(

BTW, I love Kristin Kreuk and Katherine Mc'Phee. ;)

burhan al-hilmi said...

alamak..ramai pulak org perasan cute kat sni..

Berto said...

hrmm, betul jugak apa yg ko cakap ni, tapi aku tetap prefer cute faces. Kalau awek tu chumel, kompem dia cantik, tp kalau awek tu cantik, tak semestinya dia chumel. Kan kan?